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Porch Square Spirals

A post, column, pillar is a structural element that transmits through compression the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below. It is a piece of timber fixed firmly in an upright position especially as a stay or support. Columns were traditionally made of stone where as a post or pillar traditionally referred to wood or metal material. They are frequently used to support beams and are often also decorative.

The posts we offer are made of rough sawn solid Douglas fir wood. They are hand carved in many different styles to meet the needs of your building. This includes spiral, square spiral, pitched and bevel designs.

Post is also defined as a pole or stake used to mark or indicate something. Our carved wooded posts are often used as sign posts for homes or businesses or as entry ways or gates into drive ways or as building entrances.

A pilaster is an architectural element in classical architecture used to give the appearance of supporting a column, but with only an ornamental function. Our posts are often also used for decorative purposes. For example, an existing family room was transformed with the installation of our posts along two sides of a divider. Our post are solid wood as standard, but we are also able to hallow out the middle of the post if you would like to use our posts to cover existing structural posts. We are often asked to do this to provide a more decorative post cover to an existing structure.

A veranda is a roofed open gallery or porch. It generally extends across the front and sides of a structure such as a home or business. Our posts are often used in verandas to provide aesthetically pleasing carving around the front or sides of buildings.

We offer a variety of custom hand crafted wood posts. These wood porch posts can easily be used to replace plain porch posts and completely transform the look of a house. Our custom wood posts can be installed in entry ways or door ways. You can use our spiral posts in a rustic wooden pavilion, artistic gazebo, Spanish pergola, or as horizontal header or beam. These Spanish/New Mexican style posts add curb appeal to any home or business.

post group display

Pricing of our hand carved posts is based on 8 foot posts with 5 feet of carving, but other lengths are available.

A square top & bottom are available on the Spiral and Beveled designs for $10 additional per post.

All rustic wood posts can be cut in half for $15-$30.

square pitched
post group

Porch White Posts

Post and lintel system refers to a horizontal beam, header or lintel that is supported at its ends by two vertical pillars or posts. This style is often used in entry ways, patios or porches. This system, also known as trabeated is a fundamental principal of many different architectural styles including ancient Greek, Neolithic, Chinese, Japanese, Mayan and Inca traditional styles. This is one of the four basic structural methods of building.

The post and lintel style we use is based on the New Mexican, Santa Fe, Pueblo Revival style architecture. Our post styles are often used for both the horizontal beam/header and the vertical pillars or posts. For additional carving styles for the horizontal headers/beams you can also refer to our Beam/Viga page.

Small Spiral Post Group of small posts
Small Posts
4"x4"x36" $57 - $77
4"x4"x48" $67 - $87

Price includes 2 feet of carving.
Available in other lengths.