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Southwestern Style Pergola/Gazebo/Pavilion

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We specialize in handcrafted pergolas, rustic wooden pavilion, custom artistic gazebos, southwestern style patios, New Mexican porches and Santa Fe verandas.

Our southwestern style handcrafted gazebos and wooden pergola will give your project character while providing shade for your outdoor relaxation. You can choose from our wide variety of hand carved posts, corbels and beams to achieve a unique southwestern look. Your pergola or gazebo will be a useful addition to any location.

We also offer some predefined rustic wooden pergolas to make decisions making easier. They are made of 100% solid Rocky Mountain Douglas Fir. No chemicals, no treatments - just natural solid wood - like people have been using for generations.

Our handcrafted pergolas are built to last. The 6"x6" and 4"x6" solid wood construction is very stable and durable. If installed as suggested the handcrafted pergola can withstand extreme weather without a problem.

Small wood beams, material, or plants can be used on the top of our pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions to provide the look and shade that you want.

You can add an artistic gazebo or rustic wooden pergola to your back yard or garden and be transported to a historic southwestern setting.

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This particular Spanish pergola picture is showing 8"x8"x8' beveled posts with Mayan carving, 8"x8" Rio Grande corner corbels with rosette carving, 4"x8"x14' beams with Mayan carving.

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The terminology can be confusing so we’ve included some information for your reference.

A pavilion can refer to a free standing structure situated a short distance from a home. It is intended for relaxation and pleasure. They may be small garden outbuildings such as a kiosk, pool house or outdoor kitchen.

A gazebo is a freestanding pavilion structure often built in a garden or park built to take advantage of a view. It is roofed and open on all sides. It is designed to provide shade and ornamental features in a landscape. A gazebo is a place to rest and enjoy nature. They are referenced in literature of China, Persia and other classical civilizations going back several millennia. In North America gazebos are typically built of wood and they are often covered with standard roofing materials such as shingles.

A pergola or arbor is defined as a garden feature forming a shaded walkway or sitting area that is constructed of vertical posts or pillars that support cross beams and a sturdy open lattice. A pergola is a type of gazebo that may be an extension of a building or provide protection for an open terrace. Traditionally the lattice top was covered with woody vines although model pergolas often use more permanent materials.

Freestanding pergolas are not directly attached to a home or other structure, but they provide a sitting area open to the breeze, but protected from direct sunlight. Pergolas are permanent architectural features.

Our products can be used in any of these types of structures, but we do not provide traditional roofing materials. Our beams and small poles are often used on the top of the pergolas we make to provide shade, but we do not provide any shingles or traditional roof structures.



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Create your own artistic wood gazebo, hand crafted pergola or wooden ramada from any combination of our posts, corbels, and beams.

Or if you would prefer - choose from one of these popular hand crafted pergola designs:

1. Beveled Pergola design includes:

Pergola Beveled 1 Pergola Beveled 2

2. Square Spiral Pergola design includes:

Pergola Square Spiral 1 Pergola Square Spiral 2

3. Spiral Pergola design includes:

Pergola Square Spiral 1 Pergola Square Spiral 2

Summary of Pergola Features

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