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Installed Mantel

Carving Styles:

Mesa, Mecate, Casa, Mayan, Casa Llena

$135 - $350
3" or 4" thick
36" - 72" long
12" wide

Mecate Carved Mantel

Mecate Carving (Stained)

Casa Carved Mantel

Casa Carving (Stained)

Mesa Carved Mantel

Mesa Carving (Unstained)

Mayan Carved Mantel

Mayan Carving (Stained)

Casa Llena Carved Mantel

Casa Llena Carving (Unstained)

Casa Llena Carved Mantel

Casa Llena Carved Mantel

Mantel Group

Mecate Carving

Mecate Carving - close up

Casa Carving Closeup

Casa Carving - close up

Mesa Carving Closeup

Mesa Carving - close up

Mayan Carving

Mayan Carving - close up

Casa Llena Carving Closeup

Casa Llena Carving - close up

Mantel Corbels

All mantels come with two mantel corbels 4"x7 ¼"x12 ¾". Mantel corbels are available with a rosette carving for an additional $8 per corbel.

Window Mantel
Mantel Shelf