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We specialize in southwest style rustic woodcarving. Our Spanish/New Mexican wood products provide a unique look for any building.

Southwest Post Designs are:

Shipping is available to anywhere in the US.

Beveled 6 inch Maya Half Corbel

If you can visualize it, we can build it.

Main Entryway

The need to provide shade during warm sunny summer months is still very important. The desire to make the structure ornate and hand carved is something we understand. Our spiral posts and carved corbels can be used to create beautiful verandas, patios or porches.

Many modern homes also use free standing structures to provide shade such as pergolas and gazebos. Please refer to our pergola page for some examples of different projects others have designed or to create your own pergola or gazebo visit our post, corbel and beam pages and select the styles that you would like to combine.

The custom wood products we make were originally used in adobe style buildings in the southwest, but now these unique New Mexican/Spanish posts and corbels are frequently used across the country in more traditional style buildings. Anyone who desires a more unique and artistic look can find the answer with our New Mexican/Spanish style products.

Custom woodcarving:
posts, corbels, mantels, mailbox posts and more!


A handcrafted rustic wooden post warmly greets your guests. The intricate carving of Spanish/New Mexican wooden posts and corbels silently attest to the skill and pride of the craftsman; appealing to your senses through their rustic warmth, durability and centuries old style.


The use of our handcrafted rustic Spanish/New Mexican wood posts and corbels can customize any home or commercial building.

Southwestern Style

The southwestern style wood products we make are a combination of Native American and Spanish architectural styles. The style is most commonly known for carved wood work and adobe structure with flat roofs. The cities of Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque are well known for the centuries old style that combined Spanish and Native American “Pueblo” architecture. These New Mexican cities that have used this style traditionally is why this style is also sometimes called New Mexican architectural style.

The carved wood work was borrowed from Spanish tradition. It includes beams and vigas used in the interior and exterior of homes and businesses. The Spanish style traditionally also included verandas that provide shade along the side of buildings.

The traditional adobe structure was borrowed from the Native American “Pueblo” tradition. It is now often replaced or used in conjunction with stucco, brick and other building materials.

By 1910 the city of Santa Fe made a concerted effort to encourage new construction based on the local building traditions. This style became known as Spanish or Pueblo revival architecture and is sometimes called Santa Fe style. This architecture is also sometimes known as Territorial Revival style.

In 1957 a committee in Santa Fe drafted a historical zoning ordinance mandating the use of Pueblo style or Territorial Revival style on all new buildings in the center of Santa Fe.

Now this Santa Fe/New Mexican/Southwestern style is used around the country in conjunction with many more traditional building styles.

Front Door

Our carved posts and wooden corbels and beams are often used to customize pergolas, gazebos, patios, and porches. We are able to carve the thickness and length needed for your specific job site in the style you choose. Please see our post, beam and corbel pages for more pictures of the styles and options we offer.

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