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Fence House Custom Wooden Fence Example 2 Custom Wooden Fence Example 4

Wood fencing provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, establishes entryways and is easy to construct and maintain.

Do you want to create a unique wooden fence for your entryway or property?

Our hard carved posts and rails can give your property or entryway a beautiful southwestern look.

How can our carved posts be incorporated into your fence? Our hand carved southwestern products can be used as main posts, line posts, and rails giving your property a custom style.

Main posts are found at the corners of the fence and on either side of all gates. They are usually set deep into the ground for support.

4"x4": spiral, combo, diamond

4 x 4 Fence Posts 4 x 4 Fence Spiral Post
Fence Posts
Spiral, Square Spiral, Diamond
4"x4"x36" $77
4"x4"x48" $87
4"x4"x36" $60
4"x4"x48" $70

6"x6": square spiral, beveled, diamond, spiral

6 x 6 Fence Posts Fence Diamond Small Post
Fence Posts
Spiral, Square Spiral, Diamond
6"x6"x48" $87
6"x6"x60" with top $107
6"x6"x48" $80
6"x6"x60" with top $97

Posts can be made with decorative top diamond carving. Pricing includes 2 feet of carving.


Rails are the horizontal supports running between posts. The rails are attached near the top and bottom and sometimes across the middle.

Rails can be made with Mayan, Mesa, or Casa carving in 4"x4" or 4"x6" sizes. Rails can be made in additional sizes.

Fence Rails with Mayan,
Mesa, or Casa Carving
1 side 2 sides
4"x4"x8' $80 $140
4"x4"x10' $90 $150
4"x4"x12' $110 $190
4"x6"x8' $90 $150
4"x6"x10' $100 $160
4"x6"x12' $120 $200
Custom Wooden Fence Example 1 Custom Wooden Fence Example 3

These fence pictures have 4"x4" rail with Mayan carving, 6"x6" main posts with spiral style and diamond top, 4"x4" line posts alternating diamond with combo styles.

Custom Wooden Fence Example 5 Custom Wooden Fence Example 6

These fence pictures have 6"x6" main posts with beveled style and diamond top.

Entry ways are an additional way to give your property unique southwestern character.

Installation Archway 1 Installation Archway 2 Main Entryway

For pricing information and examples of styles see post, corbel, and headers pages of our website.